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Our marketplace makes your domains look better, which means more sales for you.

In addition to a custom-designed logo, we showcase how your names could look in real life, e.g.:

  • on a website
  • on a mobile phone
  • on stationery

See examples: Gorillum, Eryson, Jellypepper.

No listing fee

We list your items for free - you don’t pay an extra listing fee.

No charge for logo design

Logo creation is included in the commission we charge once your domain is sold.

Just 25% commission

We charge a flat, low commission of just 25% of the domain's list price.

Questions asked by the sellers

What names can I sell?

We try to accept domain names that are easy to pronounce, spell and are no longer than two-syllables however, in some cases when a domain name is a two-word name or a name that is easy to spell and pronounce, we can make an exception, for instance zipacity.com.

We rarely accept:

  • Names that contain numbers,
  • Prepositions before names (“a”, “an”, “the”).

We never accept:

  • Names with hyphens,
  • Names which violate a known trademark.

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Can I list my domain name elsewhere?

No. We need to make sure that if someone buys your domain name, they will receive it. To ensure this, you must redirect your domain to the appropriate name page on brandpa.com.

What TLDs do you accept?

We will consider any, but we have a strong preference for .com, .co, .ly and other global extensions.

How can I submit my domain names for listing?

Simply register to the Brandpa marketplace and submit the domain names you’d like us look into. We'll contact you once we review them for you.

Who sets the price?

You are able to set your own price, but it must be at least $1,000 USD. Once the domain name you submit to us gets approved, we price it for you, however, you can suggest a new price once a listing is approved, but not after your domain has been listed or sold.

Do all names get mobile / letterhead / website designs?

We reserve these elements for higher-value domains, at our discretion. Usually any domain below $2,500 USD would just have a logo.

How do I get paid?

You can choose to be paid via PayPal or Payoneer.

How does Brandpa's commission rate work?

You receive 75% of the total selling price, and Brandpa receives 25%. We cover any transaction fees within our 25%.

How much do Brandpa charge for design?

Nothing. Our logos and mock-ups are created by our in-house designers to ensure high quality, which in turn makes a domain more likely to be sold.

What is Brandpa's listing fee?

At the moment, we charge you nothing for submitting your domain names on the Brandpa marketplace. Our only charge is our 25% commission, when your domain names are sold. This rule may change in the near future though.

Can I provide a design I've created?

We can take a look at the design you’ve created but we can’t guarantee we’ll use it with your listing as we try to keep all our listings with a similar feel.

Can customers negotiate prices?

We allow customers to make an inquiry about a domain, which we forward to you. If someone offers a lower price which you accept, you may update the price of your domain to match their offer, and they can purchase it through Brandpa as normal.

How does putting your price "on sale" work?

Brandpa offers the ability to put your price "on sale", to increase the likelihood that your domains are sold. You don't have to use this feature. Simply set a discount percentage for your domain name, and the price will update automatically. Domains on sale are highlighted as on sale.

Before reducing prices, your domains must have been sold at their original price for 28 consecutive days. This is a legal requirement (read more about the law here).

What are coupons and how do they work?

Sometimes Brandpa may offer coupons as part of a marketing campaign to increase sales. For example, we might partner with a website who could deliver many visitors to us, in exchange for an exclusive discount for their members.

Sellers may choose whether they want their names to accept coupons during these campaigns. If you do so, you allow Brandpa to offer your domain at up to a 10% discount of the domain's list price during such a promotion.

When a domain is sold at a discount, the amount paid to both the seller and Brandpa is reduced by the discount percentage, e.g. if a domain was discounted 10% then both Brandpa and the seller would be paid 10% less.

What if I want to stop using Brandpa?

You are free to remove your domains from Brandpa at any time, however you must notify us of this. You should also know that once you remove your domains, any logos or visuals that we created will be lost.

You must also agree to complete any sales which have already been paid for.

Do I need to point my domain name to Brandpa’s servers?

Yes. There are two reasons why we need you to do this:

  1. We verify the domains you want to list on our marketplace are the domains you own.
  2. If anyone visits your domain, they will be shown that domain on Brandpa’s marketplace.

Your domain name is more likely to be sold that way.

How do I point my domain name to Brandpa’s servers?

Once your submitted domain name is approved, you’ll be asked to verify your ownership of the domain by pointing your domain name to Brandpa’s servers. We’ve made the requirements as simple as possible, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on sellers@brandpa.com.

There are two ways you can point your domain names to us:

  1. Redirect your domain to Brandpa by "Domain / Web Forwarding" option that is provided by your domain name registrar. To successfully forward your domain name to us, simply enter this URL in the field provided by your registrar:
    https://brandpa.com/name/[your domain name without .com].
    For instance, if you own 'bar.com' you'd need to forward your domain name to: https://brandpa.com/name/bar
  2. OR set the CNAME record for your domains to seller.brandpa.com. If you don’t know what that means, read our guide to setting your CNAME record.

What happens after I point my domain name to Brandpa’s servers?

We check whether the domain names were pointed to us properly. If so, we prepare a logo, descriptions and list your domain names to our marketplace. You'll be notified about this via a separate email.

Terms and Conditions for sellers

Sold domain names

If your domain name is sold, you must complete the transaction with the buyer. Sellers who refuse to complete a transaction will have their account removed from our marketplace.


By submitting your name to Brandpa, you agree that Brandpa is the exclusive seller of your domain for as long as it is listed on our website. Completing a sale of a Brandpa domain outside of the Brandpa marketplace is strictly prohibited.

If you decide to remove one of your domain names from our marketplace, that domain will remain listed on Brandpa for a further 30 days, during which time all terms and obligations continue to apply.

Sellers completing a sale outside of the Brandpa marketplace are required to pay the cost of Brandpa's commission, which is 25% of the listed sale price on Brandpa.com.

Ownership and trademarks

When you list a domain for sale on Brandpa you must be the legal owner of that domain name. Before listing a domain name for sale, you are responsible to conduct the necessary research to ensure that the domain you are selling does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party.

If a domain is found to potentially conflict with an existing trademark, that domain name may be removed from our marketplace until legal clarification has been made. Brandpa reserves the right to remove domains from our database which may infringe or violate the proprietary rights of any third party.

Violation of our rules

If a seller fails to follow any of the above rules, you may report them to sellers@brandpa.com. Brandpa may issue a formal warning, a temporary suspension of the seller’s account, or cancel their account. It is the buyer’s right to seek judicial enforcement of your sales agreement. When filing a complaint against a seller include any documentation of the seller's violation of the rules with the message text and your email address.

Updates to these terms

We may update these terms in future, particularly as technology changes and new features are added. You can always check this page for the latest version. We will also sellers of changes to our terms by email.

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