Sell more premium domains

Brandpa is designed to help you manage and sell premium domain names more efficiently than anywhere else.

The best domain landing pages

Our landing pages are hyper-optimised for conversion. Give your domain the best chance to sell.

  • Choice of Free listing or Pro listing ($5 / domain)
  • Best-in-class design
  • Your domain name spoken aloud
  • Logo designed to your spec Pro
  • Gorgeous 3D renders of each brand Pro
  • Automatic retargeting of buyers Pro
  • Online adverts for your domain Pro

Your domain calendar

All Brandpa sellers can see when their domain registrations expire in our unique "domain calendar". We pull this information from WHOIS so you don't have to.

We combine this information with our analytics, to help you judge what domains you should renew, cancel, or re-price.

For example, if a domain is expiring in the next 30 days, and it has attracted little interest over the past year, you might mark it as "do not renew" and discount it to sell. If a domain has had a lot of near-term interest, you might mark it as "renew", and maybe increase your price.

Smart promotion for your domains

Brandpa offer a variety of ways to promote your domains.

Auto-share on social media

Connect your own social media accounts to Brandpa, and we'll automatically share your domains on your behalf.

Auto-retargeting Pro

People who show interest in your domain names, but who don't buy, will be automatically shown adverts for your domain in major social and advertising platforms.

Platform promotion

Our website receives millions of hits every year, and we promote it extensively. Individual category pages are also promoted.

The best dashboard

Our dashboard has been designed to be crazy fast and powerful, way more so than any other domain management platform.

You can sort and filter your domains by virtually anything, including traffic, expiry date, offers, price, and more. Make edits to many domains quickly, directly into a table view. Export all your data into a spreadsheet.

Simple, transparent commission

  • 25% commission on all sales under $50,000
  • 20% commission on all sales under $100,000
  • 15% commission on all sales at or over $100,000
  • No fees or hidden costs

Brandpa at a glance


Brandpa is visited by millions of people each year looking for a new domain for their startup.

We currently tend to sell a roughly 50:50 mix of keyword domains and brandable domains (i.e. invented words).

Sale price

Our average domain sells for around $3,000 USD, with over 97% of our domains priced over $1,000.

We don't let you list domains below $1,000 unless they've already been listed for sale on Brandpa for a while.


We deliberately avoid selling domains that we consider to be low quality, to keep our marketplace attractive.

Right now, this means we only accept reasonably short dot-com domains which meet specific criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What names can I sell?

We're looking for domain names that make good names for businesses or products. We only accept dot-coms with 14 or fewer letters before the dot.

See our detailed guide on what domains we do and don't accept.

What TLDs do you accept?

We only accept dot-com domains. In the past we accepted some other TLDs, but experience has taught us that nearly all our customers want dot-com domains.

How can I submit my domain names for listing?

Simply register to Brandpa and submit your domain names. Our artificial intelligence "Brandbot" will immediately review them for you.

How does listing work?

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Submit your names
  • You'll be told instantly if your domains are allowed on Brandpa
  • We'll also provide a suggested retail price which you can change
  • You can choose either a Basic listing (free) or a Pro listing ($5 per domain)
  • You point your domain names to Brandpa
  • If you chose a Pro listing, we design a logo for your domains. You get to talk to the designer and request reasonable changes
  • When your name is sold, or you receive serious inquiries, we contact you via email
  • Brandpa guarantees you're paid once your domain is transferred to a buyer

Who sets the price of my domains?

You are able to set your own price, but it must be at least $1000 USD.

Every 30 days you can update the price of a domain. 30 days after a domain is first listed, you can reduce the price to as low as $495 USD.

If a domain is under offer, or being sold, you cannot update the price.

How do I get paid?

Most of our sellers are paid via direct bank transfer. Learn how you can get paid.

How does Brandpa's commission rate work?

Read about our commission structure.

Can customers negotiate prices?

We allow customers to make an inquiry about a domain, which we forward to you. You can ask us to negotiate on your behalf, and choose to accept a lower price if your wish. You can configure how negotiation works for each of your domains.

What if I want to stop using Brandpa?

You can ask to to remove your domains from Brandpa at any time, unless your domains are currently being sold, or are under offer. You must complete any sales which have already been started on Brandpa.

Once you remove your domains, any logos or visuals that we created will be lost. You cannot reuse these outside of Brandpa.

Do I need to point my domain name to Brandpa’s servers?

Yes. There are two reasons why we need you to do this:

  1. We verify the domains you want to list on Brandpa are domains you own.
  2. If anyone visits your domain, they will be shown that domain on Brandpa.

Your domain names are more likely to be sold that way.

How do I point my domain name to Brandpa’s servers?

Please read our guide on how to point your domain names to Brandpa.

What happens after I point my domain name to Brandpa’s servers?

We check whether the domain names were pointed to us properly. If so, we prepare a logo, descriptions and list your domain names on our website. You'll be notified about this via a separate email.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

See our Terms and Conditions for sellers.

How do I ask you a question?

You can submit a request for our support team.

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