Domain names by industry

Explore our range of domain names for sale by their industry.

Agriculture domains

Browse our portfolio of agriculture domain names available for purchase. These would be ideal for a new company in the agriculture sector.

Creative domains

Create a strong identity with these creative and modern domain names for sale. Ideally suited for a creative agency, product, or service.

Finance domains

Give your company or product a professional domain name that conveys trust and reliability. We have a wide range of dot-com finance domains available to buy.

Health domains

Healthcare is one of the top industries with new products / apps coming out every day. Make sure your medical, pharmaceutical and other healthcare brand stands out from the crowd with a unique and catchy name.

Kids domains

This selection of business names was designed to suit a wide range of products and services for children or childcare products.

Marketing domains

If you specialise in promoting and selling products or services (including market research and advertising) but don't have a business name yet, you're in the right place. Check out the following business names for your new company or product.

Social domains

Help other people communicate and share their ideas with others more easily with the next big social media platform or business. The range of domain names for social organisations, brands and products below will speed up the development of your social brand.

Transport domains

Have you got a business idea for a new transportation app or product? Choose a business name from a range of names for companies, products and brands in the transportation sector below.