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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I buy a domain?

When you buy, we guarantee that full ownership of the domain name will be transferred to you for the fixed price that you pay. We work with you and the current domain name owner to ensure the transfer is successful. We also provide the digital files for the logo design, in PNG, EPS and Adobe Illustrator format.

What payment options do you accept?

Our online checkout accepts wire transfers and all major credit cards. This includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

If you pay via wire transfer your bank will likely charge you for that transfer.

How long does it take to transfer a domain?

It depends on where the domain is currently held, and where you want to transfer it to. Typically once you have paid, it will take 5 to 10 days.

The fastest way to transfer is to use the same domain registrar as the current owner. If you choose to transfer to a different registrar from where the domain is currently held, you will need to wait an additional 5 days to cover ICANN's mandated waiting period.

Is the logo included?

Yes. We've designed the logos that accompany the brand name to help you visualise what your brand could look like.

The logo is provided as a series of digital files, including PNG, EPS and Adobe Illustrator files, in RGB and CMYK.

How does domain pricing work?

Unlike many domain marketplaces, all of our pricing is completely transparent and displayed up-front. You can compare names and pricing, and secure the domain you want immediately for a fixed price.

All of our domains are priced by our team of market experts at the time they are put on sale. We use a great deal of data on millions of domain name sales, and consider the length, keywords, appeal and demand for the domain among many criteria. Learn more about what names we accept.

Can I negotiate prices?

We provide the option to submit an offer for most of our domain names – some domains are strictly non-negotiable.

If your offer is high enough, we will present it for consideration by the owner. It generally takes less than a day for us to respond to your offer.

Many of our domains are in high demand and receive many offers. Generally if a name is popular our sellers will be unwilling to consider a significant discount.

How is my purchase kept secure?

Your payments are held securely in escrow until the domain name you have purchased is transferred to you. If for some reason the domain name could not be transferred, your funds would be returned to you.

Brandpa uses SSL encryption to protect all of your personal and payment information.

What is VAT and how does it apply to prices?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax applied on domains bought in the EU. If you are based in an EU country, the price of the domain may increase to include your country's VAT rate.

If you are in an EU country you will be asked to provide a VAT number. If you are not in the UK and you provide a valid VAT number, Brandpa will not charge you VAT, as this is handled by your own country.

Do domains include trademark registrations?

No, this is not possible given how trademarks work.

The names shown on Brandpa can be used by any industry in any geographical location offering all sorts of services. Since a trademark protects a name that belongs to a specific industry in a specific location we cannot take care of this for you as we don’t know what industry your name will belong to.

Before you purchase a domain name, we advise you undertake your own research on how protectable the name is, for your location and intended purpose.

Where can I trademark my name?

There are many organisations that can help you trademark your name.

If your company is going to be based in the US, we recommend checking out the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web website. If your company will be set up in the UK, you can apply to trademark your name on the gov.uk website.

What is your return policy?

Brandpa is a marketplace for domain names owned by other people. We act as an escrow agent between the buyer and seller. Once an order for a domain has been placed, Brandpa does not offer refunds or exchanges unless the domain seller fails to start their domain name transfer within 14 days from the time the purchase was made.

What happens if a transfer does not complete?

If for any reason we are unable to transfer the domain to you, we guarantee you a full refund.

Who is Brandpa?

Brandpa is owned and run by Silktide Ltd. Silktide are a UK software company that have been trading since 2001. You'll find us at Silktide Ltd, Brunel Parkway Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8HR, United Kingdom.

Silktide are registered in England and Wales. Company no: 4242422. VAT no: 772 526320.

I have more questions. Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely. You can contact a member of our support team via email at info@brandpa.com.

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