Find the perfect domain name for your business

We sell ready-to-use brand names, which include a domain name and logo.

Why Brandpa?

Good names are hard to create. We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can focus on building your business.

Newly invented words are easier to establish and trademark. They are easier to find social accounts for. And with a unique word, you are almost guaranteed to rank first in Google for your own name. Learn more about naming your startup.

Our story

Like you, we’ve been frustrated by coming up with original names. Running a digital marketing agency, we often had to invent new domain names for ourselves (“Delighten"), clients (“Ultimine”, “Silktide”) and projects (“Weddination”, “Brandpa”).

Through a lot of hard work, we got good at this. We tried leafing through dictionaries and mixing words. We tried deconstructing what makes a word ‘work’. We started developing tools that would allow us to invent more original names faster.

Eventually we realised how others could benefit from what we had learned. So we started Brandpa to help take the hassle out of inventing new names.

From thousands of ideas we select only a small percentage for sale on this website. We brainstorm ideas and potential audiences for each name, and aim to create a logo that demonstrates the unique personality and potential of a name.

Brandpa is owned and run by Silktide Ltd.